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05 | Detoxified Nano Colloidal Iodine & Cilantro (Out of Stock)



Maggie’s Holistic “Detoxified Nano Colloidal Iodine & Cilantro” is a custom dietary supplement formula of 2% mined Iodine with organic cilantro extract, gluten free, soy free, nut free, diary free, NON-GMO solution, 750mcg, 1floz. made in the USA. Aware or not we are exposed daily to radiation, fluorine, chlorine, bromine and heavy metals. These chemicals accumulate and get stored in our body interfering with thyroid function, endocrine glandular system and causes calcification of our pineal gland lowering our IQ. Healthy levels of iodine help the body tackle the toxic build up of these chemicals and with proper diet assists our cells to take in the proper nutrients and minerals.

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