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03 | Colloidal Iodine with Turmeric & Cilantro



Maggie’s Holistics “Colloidal Iodine Cilantro & Turmeric” 1oz 350mcg offers iodine mined from deep in the earth, in its purest form. It is a custom plant based glycerin dietary supplement formula consisting of mined Iodine with organic cilantro which also assists body to displace heavy metals (cilantro link for more info) and organic turmeric extracts which is known for its many beneficial properties. Click here for more information on Turmeric.

Our iodine under goes an atomic process breaking the iodine particles into a monatomic state that enables more efficient absorption for every cell in your body. Promoting your overall health, higher energy levels, thyroid function, reproductive health, brain health, while assisting the body in cleansing of toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

To learn more about Iodine, click here.

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